sexta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2010

Places and leaders, update!!


Welcome, girls:::

Inka Ritola (Finland)

Gardenia Bittencourt and Sarah (Portugal)
Mélanie Maire (Switzerland)
Nonna Aranda (Torreon Coahuila, Mexico)


If something in the list is wrong, report us soon as you can!

Thank you and good luck!!!

::::written:::: by paris

Rehearsals in St. Petersburg, Russia!

When I saw the video from St. Petersburg, my reaction was: OMG!!! It’s a professional video!! Backstreet boys need to see this teaser! I’m very, very pround of all you, girls! I'm so happy with your work and crying out of happiness!!!

Blog in Finnish!!!

Yes!!! it’s true, our blog has a version made for Finland girls! Inka Ritola <>, leader from Helsinki, made this great work!! You could see clikin in Finnish on the top or


Helsinki will participe too of flashmob! if you wanna participate in Helsinki, follow them in: or send a e-mail for:


Thank you so much, Inka!!! You rock!!



::::written:::: by Paris

Rehearsals in Monterrey, Mexico!!

Hello, everyone! Its so amazing when we receive pics from all rehearsals or teasers videos about flashmob, you have no idea! We are so excited about all the things that you send for us, you’re so amazing, thank you so much for all this! Mexico (Puebla, Mexico DF and Monterrey, sure, you rock, girls!) THANK YOU so much!


But now its time for Monterrey show what they’re doing for the flashmob!


20174_10150092780780347_646665346_11377389_2138450_n 20174_10150092780785347_646665346_11377390_5688068_n 20174_10150092780795347_646665346_11377391_7334963_n 20174_10150092780805347_646665346_11377392_6042744_n 23625_10150092575850347_646665346_11375282_572912_n

This is us, girls!! Beautiful, cute and soooo amazing!! Thanks, Monterrey!


:::::written:::: by Paris

domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2010

All the videos from FlashMob of Mexico

And stayed that way:

* Leyla Hernández (
* Celia Guardado (
* Esther Jaimes (
* Noemi Vázquez (choreographer) (
* Cecilia (choreographer) (

Girls, so amazing!!! KTBPA!!!

3rd reahearsal in Puebla, Mexico

Hello, everyone! We have some pictures and videos from Puebla!!! Good job, girls!!!

To see more, enter here:

Thanks for @BildArchiv and @anaismc

domingo, 14 de fevereiro de 2010

Rehearsals (Segundo ensayo BSB Flashmob Colombia)

"Ensayo realizado el sábado 6 de febrero en la ciudad de Bogotá, Colombia en el Parque Simón Bolivar"

Rehearsals (Ensayos @BSBFlashMobPue Día 1 Parte 1)

"Como participantes del flashmob mundial de bsb, este es nuestro primer ensayo. Mas info: @bsb_flashmob @bsbflashmobpue"

Primera Parte para Aprender la Coreografía de Larger Than Life (BSBFlashMexico)

"Primera parte de la explicación para la coreografía de Larger Than Life que se bailara en conmemoración de los 17 años de BSB! =) Coreografa... Noemi McLean =)"

Video from Argentina

"Primera parte de Larger than Life, para el Flashmob. En este video vamos a encontrar la Coreografia explicada paso a paso, para aquellas personas que quieran aprenderla y que no puedan participar"

by Anicka, leader from Argentina

Rehearsals MEXICO, DF (Resumen del 1º Ensayo del FlashMob en el DF)


"Es un pequeño resumen de lo que se hizo en el primer ensayo del FlashMob en el DF!... esperamos que les guste!!! ademas más Información sobre los demás FlashMob en México... !!"

terça-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2010


If something in the list is wrong, report for us soon as you can!

Thanks, everyone!