sexta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2010

Rehearsals in Monterrey, Mexico!!

Hello, everyone! Its so amazing when we receive pics from all rehearsals or teasers videos about flashmob, you have no idea! We are so excited about all the things that you send for us, you’re so amazing, thank you so much for all this! Mexico (Puebla, Mexico DF and Monterrey, sure, you rock, girls!) THANK YOU so much!


But now its time for Monterrey show what they’re doing for the flashmob!


20174_10150092780780347_646665346_11377389_2138450_n 20174_10150092780785347_646665346_11377390_5688068_n 20174_10150092780795347_646665346_11377391_7334963_n 20174_10150092780805347_646665346_11377392_6042744_n 23625_10150092575850347_646665346_11375282_572912_n

This is us, girls!! Beautiful, cute and soooo amazing!! Thanks, Monterrey!


:::::written:::: by Paris

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