quarta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2010

Date: (vote for the best date in HOME)
Organization: Karina Portela (@kaportela), Paris Amorim (@parisAmorim), Jess Littrell
E-mail: bsbflashmob@yahoo.com.br
Twitter: @bsb_flashmob

Hello Guys, yes that's right. The idea may seem too crazy, but let's start with easy to make things come out perfect, ok? The idea is to achieve a flashmob world. At the same time. Doing the same choreography. Isn't this awesome?! We know how the Backstreet boys are loved by everyone and nothing better than to celebrate another year career with our tribute to them.

The date of Flashmob will be on the commemoration of the
anniversary of the band: (vote for the best date in HOME) This will be our gift to them!
We split into at least the flashmob in five parts, or five songs.
- Larger Than Life
- Shape of My Heart
- We've Got It Goin On
- Everybody,
- Straight Through My Heart.

If someone wants to organize in your country, please let us know because we have a team issue that will create a video to stations and sent on DVD to the Backstreet boys. Any FC who wanted to participate send us an e-mail to bsbflashmob@yahoo.com.br.

The team of editing and recording will record the Flashmob in Brazil, but it makes available to edit all the videos. Ordered by continent, each continent will be a song and all videos will be sent to our email so we can edit.

Any information that you want here is our email:
Our twitter is @bsb_flashmob and u can follow the information and partnerships will be released every day ... Our aim is to bring together fans, overcome barriers on behalf of our children.

No need to be fighting and not competitions
have to show that TOGETHER
our love for the Backstreet Boys show
"This is Us" (Backstreet boys and fans) are "Unbreakable"!


Team @bsb_Flashmob

6 comentários:

  1. Claro que esta idéia tinha que veir das brasileiras..uhuhuhu!!!! THIS IS US GIRLS!!!

  2. Girls, if you need my help just tell me please. I loved the idea!!!

  3. una pregunta... si es que grabamos el flashmob de Lima, Peru a que direccion lo tendriamos que mandar para que se pueda editar todo junto?

  4. well the day I think that may be in 7 of october tthat's the day of backstreet biooys iun florida, at least that was where give this dqay isn florida and give they the key of the city (do you remember?) I think is the better day...
    i want tio participate but i don't know anyone in spain for dit , I think that here are people are going to do it, but i don't know anyone.. how can I do it?
    I can't find the coeografy of we've got it going on of the flashmob to practise.. anyone can help me? my mail is B_eamonvsyoshi@hotmail.com
    I speak too spanish, but I know a few of english, the most important is participate!!

  5. quero saber algo sobre a vinda dos boys no brasil nesse final do ano. POR FAVORRRR ME RESPONDAM !!!!! ESTOU SUPER ANGUSTIADA COM ISSO !
    BSBeijokas!!! :D

  6. Hello fellow backstreet boys lovers. i would like to draw your attention on the fact that BSB hasn't received a star of the Hollywood walk of fame and to me and others and i believe to you too this is totally unacceptable. so i stumbled quite by hazard on a petition on www.gopetition.com to make sure our voices are heard and that the boys receive this accolade that they so deserve. go sign the petition please. God bless


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