sexta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2010

Hello, dear fans! First, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the countries below that are mobilizing for the largest tribute ever made to the Backstreet boys: all fans together to celebrate 17 years of talent and music! This love that we feel for them has made us part of the same family: Backstreet. Difficulties, many stories on this way, but the important thing is that the Backstreet Boys are proving that they’re unbreakable.

Most countries of America will participate in the flash mob and this is incredible! Several countries in Europe too! Awesome! Please, who didn’t answer the email we sent, please reply, so we can put the places here on the blog. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE TEAMS that are participating!

Nice? Not so. We need advertise, everyone! And we ask to you spread in your countries as you can: sites, forums, please, let's make this the largest flash mob that has already happened to make them feel honored! Please, advertise! If you wanna make a part of our team to advertise, send e-mail for us: with subject: "make a part of team".

Another thing: We need more leaders. We unfortunately don’t know many countries as well (perhaps someday you invite us to meet all of you?). We need to make this worldwide!

We made a list of the countries where Backstreet boys usually perform in concert and didn’t come forward yet about flash mob. If anyone knows someone in these countries, please contact us or pass then invite them to participate! We tried to contact so many fan clubs of Asia, but no one returned the contact. Please, Asia, Oceania and Africa, join us!

Well, the cities/countries that has no leaders are:

North America

Phoenix, USA
Los Angeles, USASan Diego, USA,
Dallas, USA
Denver, USA
Orlando, USA
Miami, USA
Boston, USA
Las Vegas, USA
Nashville, USA
Atlanta, USA
Washington, USA
Toronto, Canada
Ottawa, Canada
Vancouver, Canada

South America
Brasilia, Brazil

Kopenhagen, Denmark
London, United KingdomManchester, United Kingdom
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Newcastle, United Kingdom
Paris, France
Lisbon, PortugalPorto, Portugal
Bucharest, Romania
Moscow, RussiaStockholm, Sweden
Bern, Switzerland

Dubai, United Arab EmiratesNew Delhi, India
Mumbai, India
Suntec City, Singapore
Beijing, China
Shanghai, China
Tokyo, Japan
Kobe, Japan

Nagoya, Japan
Seoul, South Korea
Taipei City, TaiwanManila, Philippines

Melbourne, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Brisbane, Australia
Auckland, New Zealand

7 comentários:

  1. i was wondering why Japan hasn't responded on this yet. They have a large fanbase there, right? :)

  2. Yes, we dont know why. We talked with some FC in Japan, but no one sendo for us a request yet.

  3. Could you send a e-mail for for give us information like place or another things? Thanks!

  4. I am fan from India, and i really want India to be part of this flash mob..

  5. Hello. Just to say I'm from Tlaxcala and I will be in the Flashshmob of Puebla, just for one reason: ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD BY THE BOYS. It is difficult to organize such events, but now has an opportunity, do it to honor the joy that have filled thousands of hearts around the world for 17 years.
    I LOVE THE BOYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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