terça-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2010

Several people are telling us about the difficulty of making the flash mob on April 20th, because it's a day that everyone has to work, study therefore it would be difficult to achieve the goal of gathering all the fans in order to provide a remarkable tribute to the BSB. After (talking to) - conversations with - several representatives three dates were chosen:

· Day 17th (Saturday): because is 17 years of the Backstreet boys;
· Day 18th (Sunday): this day is available for most of the countries.
· Day 20th (Tuesday): day of the 17th birthday of the Backstreet Boys and the starting date chosen.



1. Only ONE DATE can be chosen;
2. The winner date will be chosen date for the flashmob;
3. The flashmob should happen in all places AT THE SAME DAY;
4. The Backstreet boys already know the mobilization of fans for the worldwide flash mob. Optimally if all the fans put off the desire to have their names published and think of only honor, because the goal isn’t to take names or benefits but rather a tribute and show the world that they have the best fans that follow them for 17 years.
5. The music chosen must be implemented in their flashmobs:
a. America - Larger Than Life
b. Europe - We've Got It Goin On
c. Oceania - Everybody
d. Asia - Straight Through My Heart
e. Africa - Shape Of My Heart
6. The choreography will be based on boys videos and on all the videos posted here in the blog. Any other choreography that doesn't match this instructions won't be used on the final video.
The clothes to be used in the flashmob must be chosen by the country! But as I said before, will have a video of support that will be posted this week on the blog as an example.
7. The flashmob will happen on the day chosen, the video being sent is the recording of the flashmob and should be sent on the same day of the event! We're seeing the possibility of the Guinness Book. Making it clear, my name's Karina and will not appear in any media, because it isn’t our goal. The flashmob isn’t ours, ok? It's the Backstreet boys flashmob!

You can vote until January 25th. In this day, we'll make a print of results and post here. We ask for all the countries to join us at the same day to make the best event, all together, it's more important!

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